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Silicone Spring Knee Pads

Silicone Spring Knee Pads

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Product information:
Main body material: nylon
Applicable people: adults
Applicable sports: Basketball
Applicable scenarios: running sports, chess and card entertainment, sports trends, cycling sports, ice and snow sports, extreme challenges, hiking and camping, shooting sports, martial arts self-defense, sports protective gear accessories, dance sports, basketball sports, fishing sports, table tennis Tennis, other ball sports
Specifications: black (single) M, black (single) L, black (single) XL, blue (single) M, blue (single) L, blue (single) XL, gray (single) Only) M, gray (single) L, gray (single) XL, red (single) M, red (single) L, red (single) XL (mm)
Knee pads for leg arthritis injury: Meniscus protection knee pads
Knee pad support: protective equipment
Knee Pads M-XL: Volleyball Knee Pads
Silicone spring knee pads: joint knee pads
Rodreras Destroyer: Knee Support

Size Information:

S size is suitable for weight 45-60kg

Knee pad x  single

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